Tuesday, April 27, 2021

NSP-C Western Region COVID Survey Results

 This message from Mark Lindquist, MD our Western Region Medical Advisor ...

Good morning,
As you know, during the snow sports season I sent out several surveys regarding patroller Covid-19 infections and the problems faced by patrol chapters in following a Covid plan.  Now that the season has ended, the main question of interest was this one, the final survey question:
During the snow sports season of 2020-2021, did any of your patrol members develop a Covid-19 infection traceable to an exposure at the ski area?
I received responses from all nineteen region patrol directors, and the answer was that not one patroller in the Western Region developed a Covid-19 infection as a result of exposure traced back to the ski area.  ZERO.
This result is remarkable.  It speaks to the diligence of patrol staff, directors, members and ski area managements in developing and enforcing policies and procedures which allowed us to work safely from Day One to Close of Season.  Congratulations to all of you.
Mark Lindquist, MD
Detroit Mountain C202
Western Region Medical Advisor
Email:  mark@mdlindquist.com

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