Sunday, May 3, 2020

Grandma's Marathon Virtual Volunteers

Greetings Grandma’s Marathon Volunteers,
We have several exciting updates to share, so let’s dive in!

Virtual Race Volunteer Support
While we may not be able to come together to support the runners this year, we are inviting volunteers and community to share messages of cheer and motivation to support those striving to complete their Virtual Races. Volunteers participating will also be eligible for prizes for helping spread cheer! Below are a few different ways you can show your support:
  • ·        Create a poster cheering on the runners  
  • ·        Play an instrument
  • ·        Sing a song
  • ·        Show off a talent
  • ·        Dress up in costume
  • ·        Show off your dance moves

Feel free to get creative and have fun with these! Chalk art on the sidewalk instead of posters, pots and pans can be your instruments, using apps like TikTok to add some music and graphics to your videos—we would love to share all of it! #GTeam #GMas20

Runners have from May 4th until July 31st to complete their distances virtually, so start sending some cheer and feel free to keep it coming throughout! The runners will appreciate all the support they can get. Please send pictures and videos to

Volunteer Appreciation (cause you all are pretty great!)
To extend our gratitude for all your support, we are pleased to share that we be giving out the 2020 Volunteer shirts! So, if you haven’t received a call from me yet checking your shirt size (and to see how you’re doing, cause times are tough!), you can also fill out our Volunteer Appreciation Program form found on our website.

Distribution of the shirts will certainly will be a process, as we still need to follow recommended public health and safety guidelines and will have to approach the distribution in a thoughtful manner. We will be sending details and information via email and the G-Team Volunteer Facebook page as updates are available.

In addition to the volunteer shirts, and when we can responsibly gather again, Grandma’s Marathon will be throwing a Volunteer Appreciation event! We can’t say it enough, we have THE BEST community of volunteers and each of you inspire goodwill of the human spirit. So when we return for our 45th, we are looking forward to our community coming together to prove we are stronger together and we will get through this with more heart and compassion than ever.

What is the Volunteer Appreciation Program?
Who would have known that summer day in June of 1977 that after 44 years the celebration of the human spirit would continue strong? We hope to gather the history of all those who have volunteered to make Grandma’s Marathon the world-class event with small-town charm and reward them for their years of service.

If you have volunteered with Grandma’s Marathon in the past, or know of someone who has, please fill out this form to enter our volunteer appreciation program where we look forward to celebrating all our big-hearted and devoted volunteers. Form

G-Team Volunteer Facebook Group
Volunteers are invited to join our official volunteer Facebook group where they can see updates from Grandma’s Marathon, share stories, ask questions, post pictures, and celebrate being part of this community of big-hearted people like yourself! You can join the Grandma's Marathon G-Team Volunteer group by clicking HERE

Again, THANK YOU all for being a part of the Grandma’s Marathon community of volunteers and sharing compassion for the runners from all over the globe. Your acts of kindness for the runners (and our greater community) are bar none. Truly.

From all of us at Grandma’s Marathon—Thank you.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please don't hesitate to reach me at

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Western Region 2020 Spring Meeting

The Western Region 2020 Spring Meeting is Friday through Sunday, May 1st - 3rd hosted by the Wild Mountain Ski Patrol.  This event is just around the corner and will be a great chance to celebrate the end of season with fellow patrollers!

Plans are underway and will be finalized soon, but here is what is planned so far:
  • a social get-together on Friday night;
  • a day full of events and activities on Saturday plans including:
  • Instructor Development Course, 
  • OEC Instructor Recertification/Update, 
  • OEC Instructor Candidate Sign-Off Event
  • Workshops on Patrol Recruitment,  the Young Adult Program (YAP)
  • Presentations on OEC 6
  •  More ideas are being explored. thanks to your input on what you want at the meeting!  
  • Saturday also includes the Region Board of Governor Meeting and the Region Award Banquet.  
  • Sunday morning is the Patrol Director breakfast.

IMPORTANT NEWS -  We just confirmed a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express St. Croix Valley for $99 a night.   Rooms are available on a first come basis.

The Holiday Inn Express St. Croix Valley wants you to know that the hotel does include a complimentary breakfast with both hot and cold food items, high speed wireless internet, the areas largest indoor swimming pool and whirlpool, and a 24 hour work out facility. 

Here is a link to make online reservations easy:

National Ski Patrol Block

Reserve now!   

See you soon at Wild Mountain!

Wild Mountain Ski Patrol

Monday, November 11, 2019

2019-2020 Western Region ASDW @Wild Mtn

2019-2020 Alpine Skills Development Workshop

Hosted by Wild Mountain Ski and Snowboard Area -- Thank You Wild!

Ski/Ride Session – SES (Snowsports Enhancement Seminar)

An SES (Snowsports Enhancement Seminar) held by the NSP-C Ski School. Skiing clinics are taught by PSIA ski instructors and are open to all patrollers in the Region. This session will explore the fundamental standards of skiing/riding at the core of the sport. Telemark skiing will also be available! As ski patrollers, we need to be able to ski/ride in a way that presents a clear image of an NSP patroller to the public. We will employ activities that explore movements and build skills to create successful learning experiences to allow our patrollers to progress in challenging activities. This session is open to all patrollers.
If you are a Senior candidate and want to work on skiing skills specific to the Senior S&T exam, sign-up for this session. At the event, please inform the instructors your desire to work on the Senior skills. They will tailor instruction to you for the day.  NSP Course #: C609200001

Toboggan Session – (OET Workshop)

This session will provide instruction and guided practice on proper usage and handling of alpine rescue toboggans. It is the intent to have experienced NSP-C Western Region staff instructor trainers present proper and current techniques to properly handle an unloaded and loaded toboggan on suitable terrain. This session is open to all patrollers.
If you are a Senior candidate and want to work on toboggan skills specific to the Senior S&T exam, sign-up for this session. At the event, please inform the instructors your desire to work on the Senior skills. They will tailor instruction to you for the day.  NSP Course #: C019200002

Toboggan Instructor Calibration (Re-certification)

This session is designed for current Toboggan Instructors that need re-certification to retain their toboggan instructor certification. Toboggan Instructors are required to re-certification every three years. Instructor calibration includes 6 Pack Lesson Plan, toboggan equipment review, and a ski skills review with demos specific to toboggan handling. Open to current toboggan instructors.  NSP Course #: C019200003

Senior Evaluator Calibration Session

This session is for Senior Evaluators or anyone interested in becoming a Senior Evaluator or interested in pursuing the ASE program. This will focus on current Senior alpine standards, the Senior score card, movement analysis, feedback modeling, evaluations, and technical knowledge. This will focus on both Ski/Ride and Toboggan skills. Open to all current Senior Alpine patrollers and current Senior Evaluators needing re-certification. NSP Course #: C140200001

You can register for this event HERE

Day's Basic Agenda

  • 8:30 - 9:15 -- Registration
  • 9:30 - 12:00 -- Morning Sessions
  • 12:00 - 1:00 -- Lunch (on your own)
  • 1:00 - 3:30?? -- Afternoon Sessions (session instructor will determine end time)
Wild Mountain has a cafeteria style food service downstairs, and a "bar & grill" style food service facility upstairs in the Eagles Nest. (Only those over the age of 18, or accompanied by a parent are allowed into the Eagles Nest). On busy weekends and holidays we also have a snack bar located upstairs in the north end of the chalet.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

NSP Hall of Fame

Susan Gormley Inducted into National Ski Patrol Hall of Fame

The announcement that Susan (Sue) Gormley was inducted into the National Ski Patrol Hall of Fame was made at the Hyland Hills OEC Refresher on Sunday October 13, 2019. 

Susan Gormley joined the National Ski Patrol at Hyland Hills in 1980 and has been a patroller at Hyland Hills and in the Western Region of the Central Division her entire patrolling career.   As a  fellow patroller, many know Sue as an OEC and OET Instructor, a mentor, a leader and a friend.

33 years ago, when the National Ski Patrol decided that Western Region would host a pilot program of a new Winter Emergency Care (WEC) program, Western Region chose Sue Gormley to lead the pilot program. 

Sue was one of the first patrollers trained to be a WEC instructor in 1986 when she coordinated the pilot program at Hyland Hills.  With the success of the pilot program, Sue became a major contributor to the development of the first edition of the Winter Emergency Care textbook and associated instructor manual and student workbook.

Simultaneously, Sue became one of the first WEC Instructor Trainers in the Country and traveled extensively coordinating training programs that created the first WEC Instructors in the Central Division.  Sue then helped create a quality assurance program to ensure that the WEC program was taught correctly.  Sue became one of two Divisional WEC Supervisors in 1987 and served in this role until 1989 when she stepped down to become the Hyland Hills Patrol Director, from 1989 to 1993.  

Although she was no longer the Division Supervisor, Sue remained an Instructor Trainer and continued to contribute to the WEC program (now known as Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC)) by being involved as contributor to the development of four OEC Skill Videos, including participating in the filming of the 1994 OEC Spinal Immobilization Video at Wild Mountain Ski Area.  Sue also leveraged her career as a lead emergency response trainer for Mesaba Airlines to work with Julie Rust of the Professional Division to develop the Outdoor First Care Program, an ancillary program for Ski Areas.  Finally, Sue volunteered to host and coordinate one of the 20 Pilot Programs for the Senior OEC Program, including providing extensive feedback for the development of the Senior OEC Program Material that was published in 1993.

Sue returned to being a Central Division OEC Supervisor in 1993 and in that position, continued to work as a lead Instructor Trainer in the role out of the next wave of the OEC program.  Including especially, starting the process of re-certification of OEC Instructors.  During this time, Sue volunteered to assist with the role out of the re-certification program in Alaska, Intermountain and Rocky Mountain Divisions and attended OEC Events in Eastern, Pacific Northwest and Southern Divisions.

Sue became the Assistant National OEC Supervisor and served in this role from 1996 - 2000.  During this time, she worked to streamline OEC administrative procedures and simplify OEC program material.   Sue contributed to the 3rd edition of the OEC Book and was one of the co-editors and coordinators for the 3rd edition Instructor Manual and Student Workbook materials.  

 After ending her time as Assistant National OEC Supervisor, Sue contributed to the 4th edition of the OEC Book and related Instructor Manual and Student material.   Sue also remained an active OEC Instructor Trainer in the Western Region until 2006.

In her role as one of the first WEC/OEC Instructor Trainers in the Country, Sue was involved in the early versions of instructor development.  When this evolved into the Instructor Development Program in 1989, Sue became an Instructor Development Instructor Trainer and continued in this role until 2016.  Sue provided input to the 2nd edition of Training Patrollers Effectively.

Sue has been honored with many NSP awards including a National Appointment, a National Distinguished Service Award, and several Yellow Merit Stars.

During Sue’s carrier, Sue has been and remains a fierce advocate for candidate and patroller training programs of the NSP.   Her advocacy is inspirational and gives all of us an example of what we can do to make and keep the National Ski Patrol a strong and vital organization. 

Submitted by Jeffrey Olsen

Monday, April 29, 2019

Saving Lives for Courtney ~ May 18th

Hello fellow NSP-C Western Region patrollers,

Aaron and Johanna Hislop have been extremely active and supportive of both the ski and bike patrol at Spirit Mountain, region and division. Their daughter Courtney was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and has required multiple transfusions of blood products.

To help support Courtney in her fight against leukemia, the Spirit Mountain Patrol is organizing a blood drive to help keep those vital blood products available to those in need. It will be on May 18th, 2019 at Chester Bowl. To participate, please email Cindy Cerio at by April 15th so that we can have adequate time and staff available for donations. After April 15th, we can post the actual time for the blood donations.

Contact Cindy Cerio at Spirit Mountain Ski Patrol here:

Below is more info and a link to schedule a blood donation on May 18th.

Memorial Blood Centers  | | 1-888-GIVE-BLD
Nearly 100% of the blood used by patients in Northland hospitals is donated by Northland blood donors with Memorial Blood Centers. Give hope to patients in your community.
Saving Lives for Courtney Blood Drive
Saturday, May 18th
8:00AM – 2:00PM
Bus Parked at Chester Bowl
Map & Directions
Or contact Cindy Cerio to Sign Up –
Double your donation, double the lives saved! Double red cell donations are available
at your blood drive. You’re the right type if you are O+, O-, A-, or B-.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

2019 Western Region Spring Meeting and Awards Banquet

The 2019 Western Region Spring Meeting and Awards Banquet is just around the corner and it will be your last chance to celebrate a great season and the patrollers that deserve the region honors and awards until the 2020 spring meeting.

The meeting this year will be centrally located in beautiful St. Cloud Minnesota on the
evening May 3rd, 4th and 5th. There will be lots of activities and comradery to be had by all.

Meetings will be held at the

Best Western Kelly Inn
100 4th Ave South
St. Cloud MN 56301

Register HERE for the Banquet dinner and various other actvitities.
Please note, there is no longer a Fall meeting. The Awards have been moved to the Spring meeting.

Agenda Schedule
View the full day's schedule HERE

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm -- Social Hour, Kelly Inn Grand Ballroom
6:30 pm to 11 pm -- Dinner and Awards Ceremony, Social time, Kelly Inn Grand Ballroom

Hotel Information
Best Western Kelly Inn, St. Cloud Mn. 56301 Phone number – 320.253.0606
Room rate - $99 per night plus tax.
You must call 320.253.0606 and reference Powder Ridge Ski Patrol block to reserve your room.
Cut off date is 4-19-19, reservations made after that date are subject to availability. We have 40 rooms blocked.
There are a limited number of rooms for Friday night, if the Best Western Kelly Inn is full on Friday, The Courtyard by Marriot, located just across the street, has rooms available for us too for Friday and Saturday. You can register online with the Courtyard at this link:
April 3rd is the cut off date for the discounted rate at the Courtyard.

Banquet Menu Options
NOTE: Dinner Selections are closed and not available for order 

Hunters Ribeye – Ten-ounce charbroiled with Montreal Steak Seasoning, served with burgundy au jus and a grilled onion slab. Served with oven-browned potatoes, asparagus, fresh baked bread, and house salad.
Cost: $32.00

Granite City Chicken РEight ounce chicken breast with the wing attached, topped with a touch of Rosmary Cr̬me suace. Served with wild rice pilaf, asparagus, and a house salad.
Cost: $25.00

Spinach Tortellini – Tossed with Sin-Dried Tomatoes in a Tomato Garlic Cream Sauce and topped with fresh parmesan. Served with fresh baked bread, and house salad.
Cost: $28.00

Activities and Breakout Sessions
NSP Alumni Program
presenter Mark Holtan
Active Alumni program is good for Alumni and the Patrol! Learn more about the National Alumni Program.  Objective of the becoming an alumni, who is eligible, when and why a patroller should consider the alumni program.  A WIN - WIN option for alumni and patrols.  Learn about benefits and differences between patroller and alumni registration.  Questions and Answers for what you always wanted to know but was afraid to ask!

Awards Development
presenter Jeannine Mogan
Signup during event registration for the Awards Development session:

presenter Wrick Dunning.
6 person minimum or session will be cancelled.
Signup during event registration for the MTR session:

Low Angle Rescue
presenter Kerstin Hammarberg
6 person minimum or session will be cancelled.
Signup during registration for the Low Angle Rescue session:

Introduction to the programs and benefits of the National Ski Patrol System
If you are a first or second year patroller, this is a great opportunity to learn about all the benefits and programs that are available to you.
No registration required for this session.

Open session for sharing what’s working for your patrol, and learning from other patrols, or anything else you want to discuss related to patrolling.
No registration required for this session.

Instructor Development
presenter Bob Iverson. If you’ve ever wanted to share your knowledge and experience with new candidates and patrollers, here is your chance. This hands on session is the second part of the course. The first part of the course is online and must be completed before you attend the hands on session. Here is the link for the online part of the course:
Signup during event registration for the hands on session:

PR/PD breakfast Sunday Morning.
9am to 11:30am This session is for Patrol Reps and Patrol Directors.
Signup during event registration for the PR/PD breakfast and meeting.

Additional fun Activities
5k fun run/walk – Saturday morning 7:30 am. Start and finish at The Best Western Plus Inn. Contact Tim Burnett if interested., or 320.250.1121

Cribbage Tournament, please indicate your interest by emailing Ken Steele at

Organized bicycle tour – please indicate your interest by emailing Mary Helm at

Quarry Park - hike or mountain bike on your own schedule.

Beaver Island Trail – hike or mountain bike on your own schedule.

Munsinger Gardens – Munsinger Gardens and Clemens Gardens are two distinct, but adjacent gardens on the banks of the Mississippi River. A beautiful free garden to be enjoyed by all. Within two miles of the hotel, ample free parking.

Beaver Island Brewery Tour – 6:30pm Friday May 3rd.

Link to st cloud cvb:

We will have great swag bags and prize giveaways!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Telemark Ski Event at Giants Ridge

Telemark Ski Event at Giants Ridge -- Jan 26, 2019

This is an informal gathering of the Telemark Tribe. If you have any old/new gear you’d like to sell or trade, bring it along.

Like your heels, you are free to choose how you’d like to spend the day. Ski on your own; hang out with the group; share your experiences and skills; participate in Tele-specific drills, maybe even pick up or give out a lesson or two. There is no skill level requirement; beginners to experts, all are welcome

We will start gathering in the Gold Room (South Chalet, 2nd floor) at 9:00 AM. This room will be a base we can work out of. Feel free to leave your extra gear/street cloths etc. there.

You are welcome to bring along a guest(s) however, they will be responsible for their lift ticket and will need to sign a waiver. Current active NSP patrollers will be provided with a comp pass. Bring your NSP card.

Free your heel, the rest will follow.

Register on NSP-C Western Region website HERE