Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2015-2016 NSP Certified - Western Region

The 2015-2016 Certified Program in the Western Region will kick off at the Region STW on 12/19 at Spirit Mountain! The deadline for anyone interested in beginning the journey is January 1, 2016. The application can be found on the Central Division website under the Certified Program information. 

The basic minimum requirements are:
  • 21 years old +
  • NSP member for 5 years or more
  • NSP Senior certification
  • Have held a leadership position such as IOR, IT, OEC Instructor, Patrol leadership, Region leadership, etc.
  • And a desire to work hard and train hard!

The 2016 Qualification clinic will be held at Lutsen Mountains on January 9, 2016. Qualifying consists of strong skiing/riding skills and strong toboggan handling skills as observed/evaluated by the Region Certified Staff. Training for other modules will be supported utilizing experts throughout the Region prior to the final evaluation in February 2016. This is a self-driven training program and a journey unlike any other in the NSP. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Certified Program in the NSP-C Western Region, please contact Kerstin Hammarberg at or check the Western Region website at HERE

Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 Snowsports Trainers Workshops

*CANCELED* Unfortunately this event had to be canceled due to the weather and resulting  lack of suitable terrain.  Sorry and hope to see you at other Region Events this season!

This year the NSP-C Western Region will be holding an STW (Snowsports Trainers Workshops) at Spirit Mountain Ski Area in Duluth MN on Dec. 19th. This Region event is open to all National Ski Patrol members in good standing.
This year's STW's are different than from years past. This year’s traditional Division STW's were available only to a select group of trainers/instructors. These groups will then pass on the information they receive in a Region level STW.
Our current Region STW agenda is scheduled to include Ski/Ride sessions, Toboggan sessions, Senior program sessions and additionally a Certified demo session.  These sessions are open to all patrollers within the Region and will be designed to transfer the latest top notch information our IT's gain at the 2015 Central Division STW's and to have some fun! Registration for the event is available on the WesternRegion website, so please register there. We are looking forward to a great event and seeing you there!  

Ski/Ride Session – SES (Snowsports Enhancement Seminar)

An SES (Snowsports Enhancement Seminar) held by the NSP-C Ski School. Skiing clinics are taught by PSIA ski instructors and are open to all patrollers in the Region. This session will explore the fundamental standards of skiing/riding at the core of the sport. As ski patrollers, we need to be able to ski/ride in a way that presents a clear image of an NSP patroller to the public. We will employ activities that explore movements and build skills to create successful learning experiences to allow our patrollers to progress in challenging activities. This session is open to all patrollers.
Movement Learning Activities:
  • Hockey Stops
  • Basic Parallel
  • Side Slip in the fall line
  • Wedge Turn
  • Linked Side Slips
  • Pivot Turns
  • Carved up hill arc
  • Medium Radius Turns
  • One Ski Activities

 Toboggan Session – (OET Workshop)

This session will provide instruction and guided practice on proper usage and handling of alpine rescue toboggans. It is the intent to have experienced NSP-C Western Region staff instructor trainers present proper and current techniques to properly handle an unloaded and loaded toboggan on suitable terrain. This session is open to all patrollers.
Toboggan Curriculum:
Ski skills proficiency building to safe and effective toboggan handling.
Toboggan Equipment Review
Skill Review & Practice - Start on moderate slope, advance upward
  • Sideslip
  • Falling Leaf
  • Hockey Stops
  • Transitions
  • Kick Turns
Unloaded Approach - Moderate terrain
Loaded Toboggan Skills - Skill review - appropriate terrain
  • Rope-A-Goat
  • Chop Sticks
Loaded Toboggan Team Descent - Appropriate terrain-w or w/o chain
Loaded toboggan Individual Descent - Advanced, mogul slope
Opening and Closing Courses
Review of online resources
Proper instructor log management

Toboggan Instructor Calibration (Re-certification)

This session is designed for current Toboggan Instructors that need re-certification to retain their toboggan instructor certification. Toboggan Instructors are required to re-certification every three years. Instructor calibration includes 6 Pack Lesson Plan, toboggan equipment review, and a ski skills review with demos specific to toboggan handling. Open to current toboggan instructors.

Senior Alpine Evaluator Calibration

This session is designed for current Senior alpine evaluators (PSIA/AASI Level 2 /3 certified or ASE certified). The objective of this session is to calibrate senior evaluators to the current Senior alpine standard. Successful completion of this calibration clinic is required every three years and is a prerequisite to participating as evaluation staff at Region Senior alpine ski/board evaluations.

Senior Toboggan Evaluator Calibration

This session is designed for Senior toboggan instructors that will be evaluating candidates toboggan skills at a Region Senior S-T exam. This clinic will include how to prepare for a Senior toboggan test, who qualifies as a Senior toboggan Evaluator and paperwork needed for documenting the evaluation. The event will also cover the Senior standard required for successful completion of the toboggan skills exam. As a refresher, we will also touch on registering courses, course completion records, and on-line toboggan resources through the website.

Senior Alpine Patroller Session

Thinking about starting an NSP Senior Patroller journey? Join Region staff instructors for the day and learn what ski and toboggan skills are required to qualify as a Senior Alpine Patroller. The session will include Senior requirements and prerequisites, skills needed to become a Senior, how to obtain Senior skills training, and how to prepare for the Senior test. Open to all Basic Alpine patrollers.

Senior Evaluator Session (ASE)

This session is designed for Senior Alpine Evaluator candidates or anyone wishing to pursue ASE (Accredited Senior Evaluator) accreditation. The ASE program is for patrollers not currently interested in pursuing PSIA/AASI credentials but still want to become Senior Alpine Evaluators. This is a prep course offered by the Region and will focus on current Senior alpine standards, the Senior score card, movement analysis, feedback modeling, evaluations, and technical knowledge. Open to all current Senior Alpine patrollers.

Certified Patroller Demo Session

Join our Region's NSP Certified Alpine patrollers for a day demonstrating what it takes to become a Certified Patroller! The agenda is still being developed but it will be an exciting day exploring Certified skills on the hill. Open to all current Senior Alpine patrollers.

Some sessions may be combined depending on the levels of participation.

9500 Spirit Mountain Place
Duluth, MN 55810

218-628-2891 | 800-642-6377